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    Greets Sexy Peeps. I am Corry Pepper with a spunk for living life young at heart who cleverly discussing myself as a grown up. Daily I help my very sweet sensitive oldest daughter dodge anxieties, and try and tame the very curious cute wild ways of my youngest daughter. I am obsessed with any excuse to put on a fancy dress and high heals and compliment it with a glass or a bottle of wine. I love making woman feel sexy one Boutique Boudoir session at a time...and I LOVE that you visited me today!!

Our Days | My Beautiful Girls | I Miss Them Already

I can’t think of any better days then being around these two beautiful beings. Yesterday we just chilled and I captured a few of our beautiful simple moments. Charlie was a bit anxious about going to Europe for so long. Holding back tears I told her that making a life change is pretty scary sure, but what is even more scary…regrets. As I post this they are on flight to Croatia and I look forward to hearing their amazing stories. Till then I will cherish the yesterdays and dream of our futures. XOXO



Darren Rock The Grad | Whitecourt Photographer | Corry Pepper Photography

I had the great opportunity to capture Darren’s Rock The Grad session.   He is going to be a world renowned musician..I know it because he lives and breathes music.  We are all born to do one important thing..some get to do many.  To pursue our “life’s task” and master it..we must give it all of us.  We all have that something we intuitively know we were meant to do, and the path to that takes hard work and dedication.   I know you will make your dreams a reality Darren-don’t you ever give up on you.

“I hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known” -anonymous


Cole and Dylan Rock The Grad | Whitecourt Photography | Corry Pepper Photography

I was so excited when Kelli contacted me to capture her twins Rock The Grad Session- this is one important milestone that is so often overlooked for a custom session in Canada.  I was so thrilled to capture these two guys..that I have titled Gemini Twins…they are so opposite its a perfect balance of a brotherhood bond.  My advice to you both is Follow Your Dreams or you spend the rest of your life working for someone who did.  Cheers to you both


Melissa Rock The Grad | Whitecourt Photographer | Corry Pepper Photography

Melissa was so great to capture, she is perhaps the happiest person I have ever met.  I gave her the nickname Giggles because she has a contagious happy energy that is so wonderful to be around.  Although Mother Nature tried to rain on her parade, it of course didn’t stop the fun nor the smiles.  Melissa I wish you the best in your next endeavour of life.   Doing what you like is Freedom, liking what you do is Happiness.  Cheers XOXO


Darby Rock The Grad | Whitecourt Photographer | Corry Pepper Photography

Meet Darby,  this beautiful Class of 2014 Graduate truly sets her goals and makes them a reality.  It was so wonderful driving around Whitecourt getting to know her better during her shoot.  I love hearing about clients goals, aspirations and especially when they make their goals a reality.  Darby I know you are going to amazing at your career dreams. Truly excited for you.  Cheers to you XOXO