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    Greets Sexy Peeps. I am Corry Pepper with a spunk for living life young at heart who cleverly disguises myself as a grown up. Daily I help my very sweet sensitive oldest daughter dodge anxieties, and try and tame the very curious cute wild ways of my youngest daughter. I am obsessed with any excuse to put on a fancy dress and high heals and compliment it with a glass or a bottle of wine. I love making woman feel sexy one Boutique Boudoir session at a time...and I LOVE that you visited me today!!

J + A Wedding Teasers | Wedding Love |

Eeek these two are so adorable and their chemistry is so strong.  Although Mother Nature decided she was going to snow, no scratch that it was snow, rain, wind then sunshine..yes all four seasons on the big day it didn’t stop the warm smiles celebrating the love of  Jaimie and Anthony.   .  Thank you so much J + A for allowing me to capture your love story.  As promised here are a few teasers for the love birds XOXO


Maternity Boudoir | Beautiful Belly | Maternity Lifestyle | Whitecourt Photography

I believe women should feel beautiful – no matter what stage of life is happening.  All too many times when we are pregnant we feel anything but beautiful.   To me and many others there is nothing more stunning and radiant then pregnant woman.  I mean seriously there is life inside you.  Its so powerful and an outright miracle to carry a child.

With celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Demi Moore and Myleene Klass gracing the top fashion magazines covers, proudly showing off their beautiful bumps I say thank you.

I was ecstatic to capture my gorgeous friend Noelani.  Could she be anymore stunning and glowing.  This marvellous mommy and her very lucky husband are due with their third child any day now…eeeek so very thrilled for them and their pretty little girls.

Thank you tonnes Noelani for allowing and trusting in me to capture you and your sweeties.  XOXO


My Dear Friend Azeb | Whitecourt Photography |

I stumbled upon my dear friend Azeb years ago.  You may recognize her always working hard at the Casino.   I was instantly intrigued by her. I always admired her hardworking and knew I wanted to get to know her more.  Every time I would see her (always working) I would always start a conversation with her.  After getting to know her and her story I knew she needed to have something kind done to her.   I wanted to capture her true beauty in from of my camera.  Of course it took months to get her in the studio…why?  Well you might have guessed it..SHE IS ALWAYS WORKING.  She works hard to provide to her family back home in Africa.  She knows what sacrifice is, she  knows what heart ache is, she knows terrors no one should know of, she knows what it means to work hard, she knows what compassion is, she knows what loss is.  She is extremely bold because she never surrendered.  At times we all walk with a fragile heart, but you my friend even on a cloud filled day will always shine as bring as the sun XOXO


Sexy Sue | Boudoir | Whitecourt Boudoir | Reveal Your Sexy

I got the call from Sue that she was wanting a few head shots for her awesome Arbonne business.  While we were talking I suggested that she also book in a few mini boudoir shots.  She said YES!!!  I was thrilled and you can see why from the images…she is so stunning. Thank you Sue for being so fantastic to work with XOXO


Fox Creek Diva Days | Girl Power | Whitecourt Photographer

Had the greatest joy photographing an amazing group of ladies last weekend in Fox Creek.  The super fabulous team at CRS Fox Creek organized such a wicked awesome weekend.  I am so happy they asked me to be part of it.   Working with women, photographing women, laughing with women, empowering women, what more could a woman as for.  Thank you all for being so fantastic to work for.  Cheers to GIRL POWER XOXO