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    Greets Sexy Peeps. I am Corry Pepper with a spunk for living life young at heart who cleverly disguises myself as a grown up. Daily I help my very sweet sensitive oldest daughter dodge anxieties, and try and tame the very curious cute wild ways of my youngest daughter. I am obsessed with any excuse to put on a fancy dress and high heals and compliment it with a glass or a bottle of wine. I love making woman feel sexy one Boutique Boudoir session at a time...and I LOVE that you visited me today!!

Sexy Sue | Boudoir | Whitecourt Boudoir | Reveal Your Sexy

I got the call from Sue that she was wanting a few head shots for her awesome Arbonne business.  While we were talking I suggested that she also book in a few mini boudoir shots.  She said YES!!!  I was thrilled and you can see why from the images…she is so stunning. Thank you Sue for being so fantastic to work with XOXO


Fox Creek Diva Days | Girl Power | Whitecourt Photographer

Had the greatest joy photographing an amazing group of ladies last weekend in Fox Creek.  The super fabulous team at CRS Fox Creek organized such a wicked awesome weekend.  I am so happy they asked me to be part of it.   Working with women, photographing women, laughing with women, empowering women, what more could a woman as for.  Thank you all for being so fantastic to work for.  Cheers to GIRL POWER XOXO



New York never sleeps, city dancers with gold cleats, street dwellers in high brow beat. You made me smile, you made me sigh, you made me strong, you made me weak, you made me feel, you felt so real, no night like the night before. Culture, eccentrics, gangs, girls tottering on high heals. The city buzzes with people all searching for truth, finding something to replace their stolen youth. The concrete jungle is alive, its music to my ears. I love this city XOXO