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    Greets Sexy Peeps. I am Corry Pepper with a spunk for living life young at heart who cleverly discussing myself as a grown up. Daily I help my very sweet sensitive oldest daughter dodge anxieties, and try and tame the very curious cute wild ways of my youngest daughter. I am obsessed with any excuse to put on a fancy dress and high heals and compliment it with a glass or a bottle of wine. I love making woman feel sexy one Boutique Boudoir session at a time...and I LOVE that you visited me today!!

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Since they were babies I have had the camera in their face.  Capturing every moment I can because I put photography up their in the highest value.  So of course they have become natural models. Understanding lighting, movement and smiling with their eyes…Yes I am biased because they are my groovy girls I can’t help it I am their number one fan.  I love you to the moon by beautiful girls XOXO


H + S Engagement | Whitecourt Photographer | Love

One of the awesome perks of being a wedding photographer is photographing adorable couples like these two love birds with their complimentary engagement session. May you get the best vision of a great and wonderful future awaiting for you as husband and wife. I can sense your awesome life is going to be filled with love and blessings. Cheers to you both