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    Greets Sexy Peeps. I am Corry Pepper with a spunk for living life young at heart who cleverly discussing myself as a grown up. Daily I help my very sweet sensitive oldest daughter dodge anxieties, and try and tame the very curious cute wild ways of my youngest daughter. I am obsessed with any excuse to put on a fancy dress and high heals and compliment it with a glass or a bottle of wine. I love making woman feel sexy one Boutique Boudoir session at a time...and I LOVE that you visited me today!!

Back 2 School Fundraiser | Corry Pepper | Whitecourt Photographer

It was so wonderful capturing these beautiful faces and raise money for two important causes in the community.  The Lunch Box Program and The Denis Family.  Although I know I would have had a great turn out if it wasn’t so cold and rainy out, I am still happy to have raised $150 from the Back 2 School portrait fundraiser.

Have a beautiful day



Jessica & Ryker Lifestyle | Corry Pepper Photography | Whitecourt Photographer

This little man won my heart with his adorable ways.  He is so independent and he also can not stand getting his picture taken.  I was up for the challenge and I am so happy that we got some great images from their lifestyle session. I truly get all warm and fuzzy inside when I see the bond of a mother and child.  Jessica you are one amazing mommy, woman, human being- you ROCK!!!!


Fjeld Family | Lifestyle Photography | Corry Pepper Photography | Whitecourt Photographer

I was so honored to go back to my home town of Valleyview to capture this fabulous family

…because every portrait will always tell a story…

A family is a little world created by love.

A good laugh is sunshine in the home.

A mom’s hug last even when she lets go.

A Mother’s Pride and a Father’s Joy.

God made us siblings…love made us friends.

While at Grandma and Grandpas house-kids will get spoiled with love.

And always a family that plays and prays together will stay together XOXO


Peers Love | Engagement Session

It was a dark sky as I drove to Peers fingers crossed the sky would open and warm the scene with sunshine.  It turned out to be one of the most beautiful mornings I could have asked for.  Even more jaw dropping was how cute the backdrops were for the lovely couples complimentrary engagement session.  Lisa + Murray and how can anyone forget their gorgeous little Blaire were so fun to photograph.  I wish them nothing but the best on their wedding day and for all their happy years to follow as husband and wife.